Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company invites you to share in the Ukrainian Dance phenomenon!

Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company is based in Melbourne, Australia. Under the Artistic Direction of Merited Artist of Ukraine, Melanie Moravski Dechnicz, the Company aims to share the vibrant Ukrainian culture.

We dance to share stories and legends of times gone by. The ancient song and dance ritual of Vesnianky, the tragic tales of the Rusalky. From the most historic dances to the contemporary we dance to tell a narrative, to express our past, present and future. Like Lybid, one of the legendary founders of Kyiv, we share the spirit of discovery of the renowned Ukrainian choreographers and artists that have come before us.

Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company is made up of over 40 dancers who perform with pride, passion and embody the true soul of Ukrainian culture. The strength, beauty and grace of Ukrainian Cossack dancers, combine to give you the contagious energy, spectacle, colour and spirit that is, Ukrainian dance!