It’s been two weeks since our Sydney performance of Kazka! Sensational weekend performing to yet another sell out crowd. What a warm welcome we received with so many requests to return.

We are very excited to board our international flight but first we though you might like to hear from some of our dances on their Sydney experience!

Nadia 1.jpg

Nadia Levkut

The end of the first leg of the tour made me feel really elated, proud of what we've achieved as a team and excited for what's to come.

I've learnt that something about dance and music brings people together from any nationality, age or personality. It pleases all audiences. I also love the audience reaction at the end. It makes me feel part of something really special that everyone can appreciate.

I look forward to the next big adventure with Lehenda and can't wait to see what we can show the world and what they can show us back.


Michael Hruszowski

The weekend in Sydney was amazing. What stands out for me was the phenomenal response from the crowd. Through the haze of the stage lights I recall looking out and seeing audience members with incredible smiles on their face and it just makes dancing on stage so much more fun!

The show is very demanding on dancers bodies. We have dedicated physios and osteos on hand and as a group have implemented nutrition and hydration strategies to get us through the show and performing at our peak.

I look forward to dancing in exciting new shows in the future. Since the beginning I have seen Lehenda dancers grow in their strength, fitness, character, technique and most importantly mateship. There is a fantastic vibe at every rehearsal and performance and I cannot get enough of it!


Lydia Gibala

I think we’ve really hit our stride as a team in Sydney from nailing quick changes to thinking on our feet to giving the audience the best show we can. The crowd fed us so much energy with their reactions and applause throughout the show, which is such a joy as a performer and makes you want to give even more. It was so heartening to speak to Sydneysiders the next day and be told how much they loved Kazka and how long it had been since they’d seen such an ambitious display of Ukrainian culture in their hometown.

I’ve had a 16-year break from the stage so it’s been a true delight to tread the boards again. I’ve also watched the show grow city by city, both as a group and individually, which bodes very well for the international leg. The greatest gain for me though was to witness such a cross-section of Ukrainians and Australians across the three cities enjoy the vibrancy of Ukrainian dance in equal measure.

I look forward to spending more time with such a vibrant bunch of young, talented Ukrainians (and 2 honorary Ukrainians) as part of Lehenda and also rediscovering my Ukrainian heritage and dance background. 

Andrei Kostka

It was so much fun performing again in my home town and in such an amazing theatre.

l can't believe the national tour is over I feel there is an appetite for more out there it just needs to be targeted.

It has been an honour to perform with Lehenda as a guest artist and to work with its talented artistic director and professional production crew. The opportunity to feel the stage and the audience again is priceless. Who knows what surprises the international leg of the tour holds?