Hello Toronto! We're here in Canada and ready to kick Kazka off with a bang!

After hours on planes and running through airports to make flight changes we all finally made it to the land of maples. The days ran as follows:


Saturday 3 pm - Caught the magic school bus (yes it really did look like it), to our hotel, with the boys holding our stacked suitcases. We laughed the whole way there. 

Saturday 7 pm - Pub night in the city, meeting the local dancers from Toronto, relatives and friends. A few drinks, shared meals and a few subway rides later we were buzzing with excitement.  

Sunday 9.30 am - A few of us visited St Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in Toronto - the same one that was filmed in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. A beautiful church with a gorgeous little cafe next door, where we met more of the local Ukrainians and tried desserts made from Maple syrup and bacon. Delicious!

Sunday 1 pm - BATTER UP! The dancers went to watch the Toronto Blue Jays vs. the Texas Rangers. We took carb loading for show day to a whole new level, with hot dogs, corn dogs, pretzels, nachos and pop corn galore. The music and atmosphere was like no other as we joined the Mexican wave and danced with the cheerleaders. 


So now we're hear at Hammerson Hall in the Living Arts centre of Toronto. The first show on our international leg of the tour. The stage is set, boxes unpacked and costumes are being organised and steamed. The sudden silence as the final tech control leave the stage has hit me. Lehenda after all our hard work is here overseas about to perform to an international crowd. We're living the dream we've had for the past year right now. 

We can't wait for you to see us Toronto! The Kazka magic kicks off tonight at 7 pm. Don't miss out, we'd love to see you all!

Maria Zhdanko - Company Dancer

Maria Zhdanko