The smallest city on our Kazka tour with a such a warm welcome - Wilmington you were truly beautiful. 

Every where we walked we were met with wide eyed smiles and curious looks, with people amazed and excited by the adventure we were on. We were just ecstatic when we further heard of royalty in the crowds presence - the former first lady of Ukraine Kateryna Yushchenko. We walked back with a spring in our step and celebrated like true Ukrainians do. 

Next day we boarded the bus and were off to stop in Philadelphia, visiting monuments and markets as post show recovery. Stocking up at the Amish market stalls with their energy filled goods, we were ready and fuelled for the next show. 

Eyes fell shut on the bus, and a few hours later gasps of awe woke us all with the same excitement. Right before us stood the city of dreams - New York City. 

Staying at a hotel a block from the iconic time square and the beautiful central park. We weaved through the busy traffic, a new wave of anticipation hitting us all. It's a moment we will never forget, the moment we walked through Time Square in full Ukrainian costume and inspireing the people of New York. 

Tonight we want to do it all again, bigger and better than ever before. Our names up in lights; we're living it here and now - "where dreams are made of..."

Maria Zhdanko - Company Dancer

Maria Zhdanko