Thursday 19th July | 7pm
Gardens Theatre, QUT
X-Block, Gardens Point Precinct | Queensland University of Technology | 2 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4001



Born in Cairns, Queensland, Cody started dancing at the age of 6 learning Jazz and Tap dance at the Rhythmic School of Dance, Innisfail. Continuing on with dance into her teens, Cody competed in numerous eisteddfods across the North Queensland District and completed Jazz and Tap dance exams part of the F.A.T.D syllabus with Dance Works Academy also located in Innisfail. After graduating high school in 2010, Cody travelled to California, U.S.A at the end of 2011 to perform alongside other Australian Tap dancers which formed the Australian Dance Ensemble. She then returned home and decided to take her dance training further, so she auditioned for The Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA) in Brisbane. Cody received a letter of acceptance into the Diploma in the Performing Arts Certificate and commenced training under the instruction of Penny Mullen (Head of Dance) at the start of 2012.

Cody is of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage. She is a descendant of the Bindaburra clan of the Yindinji Nation (Cairns) from the Babinda area, the Badjala clan from Fraser Island and a descendant from the people of Waiben (Thursday) Island in the Torres Straits. Studying at ACPA encouraged her to look further into her bloodlines, embrace Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and learn about how her ancestors lived before her. Cody decided it was important to carry on learning about her culture as well as passing on knowledge to the next generation, so after she graduated from ACPA with her Advanced Diploma in the Performing Arts in 2013, Cody made herself known to the public by getting involved with activities within the Brisbane Aboriginal Community and also other public community groups and offered her dance skills and cultural knowledge to facilitate workshops and performances for children aging from 5 – 17 years old.     

Cody then returned to the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts at the start of 2016 as a dance trainer, teaching Indigenous Fusion and Traditional Aboriginal Dance classes. Cody continues to work closely with ACPA Head of Dance, Bradley Chatfield and other Indigenous and non-Indigenous Dance Schools/companies and organisations choreographing dance pieces and conducting workshops. She also travels to small towns and communities of Australia alongside her partner Dean Tyson to facilitate dance workshops for youth that are part of holiday and school programs. Still based in Brisbane, Cody is continuing to teach dance and build networks with other performing artists nationally and internationally.