Stephan Moravski

Stephan Moravski is a set and production designer based in downtown Manhattan who has recently completed his Master of Set Design for Stage and Film at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. He completed his Master of Architecture at the University of Melbourne, giving him the opportunity to travel to India to study modernist architects and to paint his way across the South Australian Outback, before completing his thesis in Indigenous Australian architecture and moving to New York. Stephan’s recent designs for theatre include ‘Ring Around the Moon’, ‘Waiting for Lefty,’ ‘Always (lost and found)’ at Tisch, and ‘Fire. Water. Night’ at La MaMa. His short film “Quantization Nation!” recently won best production design at the First Run Film Festival. Stephan has a Ukrainian heritage, and has a strong connection to Ukrainian culture and politics. He grew up dancing and teaching Ukrainian Traditional Cossack dance; he is currently the resident designer at Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company.  


Visit and contact him at www.stephanmoravski.com