Canada's Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Company and Melbourne's own Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company invite you to see their exciting new national production, RAZOM – Two Nations, One Spirit.

RAZOM is the coming together of two Ukrainian dance ensembles from Canada and Australia with a joint passion for sharing the spirit and energy of Ukrainian dance.

RAZOM will be performed in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne featuring 80 Ukrainian dancers in an exhilarating explosion of colour, youthful exuberance and boundless energy.

Five shows, two dance groups, one Ukrainian spirit. This is RAZOM.





A fairytale of Love, Loss …..and a mysterious blue fox

An original folk ballet inspired by Ukrainian fairytales. A tale of love, betrayal and supernatural spirits, where woodland creatures dance in the moonlight and beautiful young maidens toss garlands of flowers into a river, wondering from whence their lovers would appear.


Experience the birth of a Nation and discover the richness of a land filled with beauty, culture and traditions

LEGEND – Stories of a Nation,  shares the essence of the Ukrainian culture through stories and the many regions of Ukraine.  Using all original choreography, the dancers will bring these regions to life with energy and excitement.