"I was very pleased to discover how much Lehenda was improving my boys’ fitness and strength, given how hard it often is to wrench kids away from screens and get them active!  My eldest son was recently examined by a paediatrician who was very impressed by his core strength, and was fitness tested by his PE teacher achieving higher than average results in the “beep test”.  They asked what physical activities he was doing outside of school to explain his results – the answer was attending Lehenda dance classes twice a week!
I have been very happy with Lehenda Ukrainian Dance school and would recommend it to anyone looking for enjoyable, high quality dance experiences for their children."


"I was very keen for my boys to do some dance training to increase their spatial awareness, coordination, flexibility, posture and fitness and to feel comfortable with and enjoy using their bodies expressively and confidently.  Finding suitable, affordable, supportive dance classes for boys was very challenging – I was extremely glad when they joined Lehenda which met all my criteria! Lehenda has provided them with great dance experiences and training as well as the opportunity to explore Ukrainian culture through dance and become a part of an extremely enthusiastic  community of dancers and their families."


- Lehenda School Parents