“We dance to share stories and legends of times gone by . . . Like Lybid, one of the legendary founders of Kyiv, we share the spirit of discovery of the renowned Ukrainian choreographers and artists that have come before us.” Melanie Moravski Dechnicz (Artistic Director).

When contemplating the design for the Lehenda logo we were struck by the image of Lybid, her embracing profile, beauty and strength as she stands beside her brothers moving forward in the spirit of discovery and adventure. The graphic was a combination of this profile, formed by the motif of ribbons in motion to create a Cossack dancer in flight. This grace and strength present in Ukrainian legends, its peoples psyche, artists and dancers throughout history, forever forward moving - like Lybid discovering Kyiv on her boat, hair and ribbons flowing in the wind.”
— Stephan Moravski, scenic and graphic design