Introducing NEW company dancer - Bridget

My passion for dancing started when I was in Grade 1 when I joined Utassy Ballet School. Throughout the last 13 years I have completed classical ballet, along with numerous RAD exams and various performances, including the school's 50th anniversary performance at the Playhouse Theatre, Arts Centre. I have always enjoyed ballet as it has made up the foundation of my dance experience. In addition I have completed character, including styles such as Ukrainian, Spanish, Irish and Mexican to name a few. Over this time I have come to develop a great passion for character because of the music, the rhythm and the various dances. 

During this year as a senior dancer and assistant teacher at Utassy Ballet School, I thought that maybe it was time for a change. Time to step outside my comfort zone and push myself into joining a character company, which I have dreamed about and have admired others for doing so. I was slightly apprehensive about auditioning for Lehenda as it can be such a big jump to join a new dance company when you have been with the same school for all your dance life. I am so glad that I decided to pursue my passion for character and take a leap into something new and different. The chance of being apart of Lehenda in 2016 alongside studying at University to pursue my dream of becoming a Dietitian is an exciting future. I can’t wait to extend my Ukrainian dance skills at Lehenda, and bring my passion and love for dance to the company next year.