"Twas the night before flight time, where all through Melbourne,

Lehenda were awake, even the Mel's son was stubborn.

KAZKA t-shirts were hung on our chairs with care,

Whilst we dreamt of the days ahead to prepare.


The dancers now nestled, all snug in their beds,

And the truck packed full to travel on ahead;

At mornings light it would drive on for Adelaide,

While at afternoons rest, the dancers fill tiger airways;


Before travelling to the SA capital, to give it's citizens a treat,

To perform a show, a fairytale, you mustn't miss out on a seat!

But as the dancers lay in their beds, snug tight in the cool weather,

Our minds raced, mixed emotions exhausting us together.


So as the home stretch approaches, and dawn shines on our thoughts,

Of excitement, determination and stomachs in knots;

We just remember the hard work put into this show,

Right from the intro, so long ago.


So Adelaide get ready, because we are heading your way,

In a bold and steadfast energy we'll let loose on show day.

Lehenda have a story to tell, of love, loss and Ukrainian spirit;

So come along and join us, be amazed in its merit."

Written by Maria Zhdanko - Company Dancer

Maria Zhdanko