The energy at tiger air as we boarded, right up to our floors of Quest precinct Adelaide in the late hours of the night. No one could miss it.

Every one of us had eyes wide and bright with excitement , nerves and mixed expectations. The eyes that stared back at us were all the same, excited and curious who this sea of navy t-shirts were. Our logo caught their attention, while our loud and bold Ukrainian spirit brought smiles and warmth to the rooms we filled. 

We moved the party from the plane to the bus, where our lovely driver held a sign with our name and logo to escort us to a meet and greet in our honour. Whilst he loved our spirit and energy, he remarked "thank goodness this is a dance production, no singing involved." 

At the meet and greet we scoffed down what could only be the best meal to eat before show day; Varenyky, Borsht and Schnitzel. They prepared a menu of only the best and while it was their holidays, the hospitality and eagerness to welcome us was beautiful.

There were definitely no early nights in sight, we couldn't stay in one place for more than a minute, bounding between rooms with each other and laughing till the early hours of the morning.

As we slowly crawled out of bed this morning, a group walk to the theatre with pitch stop for coffee had us back in a state of mind more determined than ever.

Tonight is finally the premiere, the opening of all our hard work and all the magic.

We hope you're ready for us Adelaide, KAZKA opens tonight! 

Written by Maria Zhdanko - Company Dancer