It was absolutely unreal, our dreams became the most incredible reality for us all. Better than any of us ever expected it to be. KAZKA blew Adelaide away. 

The late arrival of this blog post comes after a mammoth 24 hours of celebrations and bewilderment at how successful everything really was.

Last night touched each of our hearts; goosebumps rose at the sound of the music, smiles were wide and permanently etched on our faces, emotions boiled over as we teared up watching our fellow dancers become immersed in their characters, and absolutely nail it.

We all did. We all gave it that final push and performed a show that can only be described as magic. We took the crowd on a journey that really did make you believe in love and romance, that showed the painful truth of loss and enchanting nature of  Ukrainian supernatural spirits. 

For the first time, we heard claps and cheers, gasps and laughter and the chant for an encore. The moment took our breathes away, literally and within our hearts. As the curtains closed we embraced as a group around Melanie, our fantastic director. Her husband and son presented her with flowers on behalf of everyone and themselves. It was a beautiful moment we will treasure forever. 

This show and company have become a real family over the last year. We feel so comfortable and happy to be together and a part of something so special. KAZKA with it's amazing creative directors have created much more than a show, they've started  a real life fairytale for all of us, a journey we shall never forget.

Adelaide marked the premiere, as we now arrive home to Melbourne, preparing for the next step in our adventure. We are already looking forward to doing it all again in Melbourne!

One show down, seven more to go! The countdown for Melbourne begins now!

Written by Maria Zhdanko - Company Dancer

Maria Zhdanko